3.1 - 4.0%

Patchwork Rocket


FIREBRAND - Fresh and resinous, this hazy pale ale is full of palate pleasing mango, citrus and pine flavours. Loaded with Citra, Apollo and Mosaic hops, this beer is bright and floral with a smooth, clean bitterness. At 4%, this is ideal for most drinkers who love a pale ale chock-full of flavour. BBE: 31/08/2024 ABV: 4.2% Packaging size: 440ml

4.1 - 4.9%

Helles Beach


FIREBRAND - Fresh, crisp, clean and refreshing, our lager uses Cascade hops for a subtle citrus flavour perfect for drinking at the beach or on your couch. Brewed with a combination of traditional and modern techniques, the Cascade hops and a long lagering in the tank produce a delicious zesty flavour. Aromatic and fragrant, we use all-natural ingredients for great depth and drinkability. The motivation behind brewing our lager comes from sunny summer days drinking something cold and refreshing on a Cornish beach. Brewed to recreate that feeling, but improving on flavour, our Helles Beach Lager looks to satisfy your senses as well as quench your thirst. BBE: 04/24 ABV: 4.4% Packaging size: 440ml

6.0 - 7.9%

Black Stuff


FIREBRAND - A classic twist on a dark styled pub favourite, this 6% stout is bursting with chocolate, liquorice & Coffee flavours. The perfect choice for those cold, winter months, Black Stuff is complex with a comforting, malty backbone familiar to any stout lover. BBE: 31/08/24 ABV: 6.0% Packaging size: 440ml

Alcohol Free



FIREBRAND - Alcohol Free Hazy Pale. A new addition to our core range! Please welcome Shorebreak Alcohol Free Hazy Pale. Alcohol free and full of hoppy flavour, Shorebreak provides everything we like in a Hazy Pale but without the hangover. Brewed with Simcoe, Citra and Cascade, its super smooth and light with tons of tropical flavour. BBE: 30/04/2024 ABV: >0.5% Packaging size: 440ml

3.1 - 4.0%

Jubel Peach


JUBEL - A lively peachy lager that packs a fruity punch. This nectar drips with juicy peaches that will delete your thirst. A dangerously refreshing drop with a clean peach lager finish that leaves you wanting more. Gluten Free. Vegan. BBE: 28/12/24 ABV: 4% Packaging size: 330ml

3.1 - 4.0%

Jubel Grapefruit


JUBEL - Take your taste buds on a tropical trip with this citrus session lager. A crisp lager with waves of juicy grapefruit and a balanced bitterness. Tickle your tongue with a fresh slice of paradise. Gluten Free. Vegan. BBE: 12/11/24 ABV: 4% Packaging size: 330ml

3.1 - 4.0%

Jubel Elderflower


JUBEL - If Smooth FM brewed a beer. An amber lager that floats with floral notes and mild malt undertones. Sip back and chill out with this laid back lager. Gluten Free. Vegan. BBE: 12/04/24 ABV: 4% Packaging size: 330ml