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Home delivery of IPA style craft beers in, and around, Porthleven
Hoppy, floral, fruity, bitter
Home delivery of sours style craft beers in, and around, Porthleven
Tart, sherbet, puckering, tangy
Home delivery of stout and porter style craft beers in, and around, Porthleven
Chocolate, coffee, dark, roasty
Home delivery of craft ciders and perrys in, and around, Porthleven
Sweet, fruity, sparkling, refreshing
Home delivery of lager style craft beers in, and around, Porthleven
Light, crisp, biscuity, bready

What's new

Above 8.0%

Big Sur


ATTIC - Our most complex hop-bill to date Big Sur is packed with classic US hops from boil to whirlpool to dry-hop with a complex malt character to boot. Deep, rich flavours of pine and grapefruit, bursting from a caramel-sweet malt base and balanced by a big whack of bitterness. BBE: 30/11/22 ABV: 8.3% Packaging size: 440ml

5.0 - 5.9%

Very Important


ATTIC - A stout inspired by the brew team's favourite snack, chocolate, caramel digestives. Absolute decadence in a can, this is a beer for those of you that can't leave an open packet lying around. BBE: 31/12/22 ABV: 5.6% Packaging size: 440ml

Above 8.0%



ATTIC - For our 300th brew, we wanted to see how far we could push our kit. It turns out really really far. We threw the kitchen sink at this; a tonne of malt, loads of fruit, and like a bazillion hops. Have we gone mad? YES. Was it fun though? Obviously. BBE: 30/11/22 ABV: 12% Packaging size: 440ml

6.0 - 7.9%

Tuck Shop


ATTIC - Tastes of sour, stewed rhubarb after a Sunday dinner with a small dollop of custard on top. Not half the can that you put on there as a child, but a restrained adult amount. BBE: 31/12/22 ABV: 6% Packaging size: 440ml

4.1 - 4.9%

Cornish Knocker


SKINNERS - The very first ale we brewed here in Cornwall. A classic golden ale brewed with whole-flower Celeia, Northdown and Aurora hops plus malted barley and wheat. The sophisticated taste of delicate, floral hops is perfectly balanced with citrus top notes and biscuity undertones, plus a slight pine bitterness. BBE 08/06/23 ABV: 5.0% Packaging size: 500ml

5.0 - 5.9%



SKINNERS - At 5% ABV, Hellup! is a refreshing Cornish lager with real substance. A masterful mash-up of styles, clean and crisp lager meets subtle hops and sweet malts in this classic German helles style. BBE 28/07/23 ABV: 5.0% Packaging size: 500ml

4.1 - 4.9%

Egyptian Cream


NENE VALLEY - Milk Stout. Velvety mouthfeel and full bodied richness created by a large variety of dark malts, flaked oats and lactose. A fruity hop bite brings balance to this creamy milk stout. Gluten Free >20ppm. BBE: 31/01/23 ABV: 4.5% Packaging size: 440ml

5.0 - 5.9%

Hop Stash


NENE VALLEY - A series of heavily hopped beers to showcase our freshest and favourite hops. Centennial, Magnum & Sabro edition. Unfined, Vegan. Gluten Free >20ppm. BBE: 31/01/23 ABV: 5% Packaging size: 440ml